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Champion „Utsunomiya od Janusów“







Import: Polland
Family name: Miya
Sex: female
Date of birth: 14.01.2010
Chipnumber: 967000009031972
Reg.nr. Czech: ZReg./TI/1386/-10/10
Colour: dark red
Mask: black mask
Dentition: complete dentition
Bite: scissor bite
Height: 70 cm
Weight: 60 kg (14 months)


Here Champion titles to date: 


Amongst her achievements:
2x CAC, r.CAC, 2x BOB (Best Of Breed)


       Utsunomiya is calm female with well balanced character. Her advantage is very nice shriveled head, balanced appearance, correct proportions and excellent range of movement.

Her pedigree of Japanese ancestors from the father´s side Sonewall Buda and very interesting Japanese – American line from the mother´s side Roka od Janusów is really sporadic in the Europe.

Utsunomiya´s grandfather from her father´s side 2nd Tenboshi Yume SW (Boss) is the youngest double Yokozuna (2x Nationally Ranked Yokozuna) in the history of Japanese breed.

Her second grandfather from mother´s side black Pearson´s Bossy was imported in 2008 from USA to Poland, he lives now in France. His grandfather Katsudohoma passed the exam from the exercise Schutzhund and is the son of first Tosa Inu imported from Japan to USA Shogun and Hanako.

USA pedigree line is added  by two  World winners. One of them is Fire Mountain´s Bad Boy which is certified dog for canine – therapy.

Miya was borned in Poland where this litter was bred in the "Doragon Akai" kennel.
Our Thank you comes to Jack and Beata, that they allowed us to be the first kennel to import this female  with this unique blood line to Czech republic.


Stonewall´s Buda

Import: USA
Date of birth: 28.02.2007
Colour: brindle

Weight: heavy weight 
Dentition: complete dentition

Bite: scissor bite
His achievements: 2x CAC, 1x r.CACIB


StoneWall Buda


Buda is dog with pure Japanese blood imported from Japan to the U.S. His father Boss is the youngest YOKOZUNA (2x Nationally Ranked Yokozuna) in the history of Japanese breed..
We can find in his pedigree also another Japanese Grand Masters YOKOZUNA Akiyuryu, 2ND Kanryu YOKOZUNA a 15th Buzenryu YOKOZUNA.

2nd Tenboshi Yume Sw YOKOZUNA  (Boss )


Sire: 2ND Tenboshi Yume SW YOKOZUNA
(15th Buzenryu YOKOZUNA x Mame)
Dam: Yume No Furin SW 
(Akiyuryu YOKOZUNA x Tagekoro Yume Hime)


Roka od Janusów

Date of birth: 22.04.2008
Colour: red
Dentition: complete dentition
Bite: scissor bite

 Roka od Janusów


Roka is a powerful female with a beautiful head. She comes from a line of two World Winner´s. One of them is a certified dog for canine - therapy  ICh.Fire Mountain´s Bad Boy which also passed from the exercise Schutzhund. He is also Interchampion, Champion of the U.S., Mexico, Luxembourg and Mexico World World Winner + BOB (Best of Breed). U.S. line adds a wonderful dark red dog Dogstar's Goliath.
Another ancestors of Roka are imported from Japan - Benibana, Fujishiro, Fuji Tsukasa, Dogstar´s Miss Kochi, Kusonokikov the 5th, Mutsu, Nanaviva the 5th.

Katsudohoma - klikni pro zvětšení


 Sire: Bossy (import USA), black, HD-B
(Pearson´s Apollo x Pearson´s Lady Toro)

 Dam: Manga od Janusów